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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Magic the Gathering Limited Draft Tournament with Brandon Sanderson

Magic the Gathering is the world’s premier trading card game where you play the role of a Planeswalker, a powerful wizard battling other Planeswalkers for glory, knowledge and conquest. You do this using a deck of cards containing your spells, lands and creatures.

Brandon Sanderson is an epic fantasy writer (Wheel of Time, Mistborn) who is coming as a special guest to Swancon™. He had just one condition before he would agree to come – we had to run a Magic the Gathering tournament and he wants to see what Perth has to offer.

Challenge accepted.

Swancon™ would like to give our thanks to Al’s Card Shop and Tactics for sponsoring the tournament and supplying prizes.

WHEN: Sunday April 8th, 10am to 5pm

WHERE: Swancon – Pan Pacific Hotel, Goldsworthy South Room

COST: Tournament fee is $20 for your deck of cards. This charge is in addition to your Swancon membership, which you can purchase at www.swancon.com.au. A $20 dollar membership is available for those wishing to attend Swancon™ solely for the Magic the Gathering Tournament. Alternatively, for those wishing to stay for the entire day and evening to enjoy the panels, gaming, fannish fun and awesome console gaming, full and concession day memberships are also available.

NOVICES: Novice players are most welcome, Swancon™ is holding a “Learn to Play” session on Saturday morning. For Swancon members, that is a free entry event.

NUMBERS: The tournament is restricted to 31 members, plus Brandon Sanderson. To reserve your place, sign-in at the Registration desk over the Convention or contact Bronwyn at bronwynhillside (at) hotmail.com. If you miss out, still leave your name in case we have a space open on the day. Preference will be given to full convention members, then day members and finally $20 event members.

FORMAT: Three Swiss Rounds will be held from 10am. In each round you play three games, perhaps with Brendon Sanderson as he too competes. At the conclusion of the Rounds, the top fifteen players will compete against Brendon Sanderson, well okay, not all at the same time obviously…and each other.

TOURNAMENT TYPE: This is a non-DCI sponsored event for friendly players only.

BEST & FAIREST: The most sportsperson-like players, the people most enjoyable to play against will win prizes. Each Round, you will score your opponent on these merits.


Highest Point Winners
1st: 1 foil pack, 3 12th ed packs, 3 Phyrexia packs, 6 half decks
2nd: 1 foil pack, 2 12th ed packs, 2 Phyrexia packs, 4 half decks
3rd: 1 foil pack, 1 12th ed pack, 1 Phyrexia pack, 2 half deck

“Best and Fairest” Players
1st: 2 foil packs, 3 12th ed packs, 6 Phyrexia packs, 2 half battle decks, 8 half decks
2nd: 1 foil pack, 2 12th ed packs, 4 Phyrexia packs, 1 half battle deck, 6 half decks
3rd: 1 foil pack, 1 12th ed pack, 2 Phyrexia packs, 1 half battle deck, 4 half decks

For our volunteer assistants (and yes, you can still become a volunteer for Swancon), even distribution of the remaining 12th Edition Surplus Packs and Phyrexia Packs

All common, uncommon and rare cards will be evenly distributed amongst the players. Everyone walks away with a deck of their own.


All cards for the tournament will be provided by Swancon. But if you do bring your own cards, you can always play a game in the bar downstairs. If you buy a day membership, we have two rooms just for gaming and heaps of room for you to have a few games with friends or addict new people to your game.

We hope to see you there, and let the best Planeswalker win!

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Published: 00:32 on Apr 03, 2012 (GMT)
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