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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Guest of Honour Dinner

Join your fellow convention goers and be the first to meet our special guests for an evening of food, drinks1 and merriment.

For the excellent value of $50 per person1 we will be dining at “The Bonsai Restaurant”: http://www.the-bonsai.net/, 30 Roe Street Northbridge, on Wednesday 4th April 2012 from 7:30pm.

There are options for those on vegetarian [v] and gluten free [gf] meals.

Bookings, including choice of main and type of entree (vegetarian, gluten free, standard) need to be made by email to convenor-2012 (at) swancon.com.au by 28th of March.

In the email please include:

  • Number of people attending.
  • Selection of standard, vegetarian or gluten for the entrĂ©e.
  • Selection of mains course per person, denoted by letter in the list below.

Please select one of the main course options:
A) Eggplant and Red Capsicum Namuru [v][gf]
Pan fried eggplant dressed with goma miso sauce, served with a side of red capsicum and enoki salad. Garnished with leek julienne and alfalfa sprouts.

B) Agedashi Tofu with Eggplant and Mochi [v]
Deep fried tofu, eggplant and mochi (sticky rice cake) served with agedashi sauce and grated radish.

C) Miso Patagonian Tooth Fish [gf]
Pan-fried Patagonian Tooth Fish with a side of miso sauce.

D)Steak [gf]
Pan-fried prime grade scotch fillet with garlic butter oil. Note: For quality, this dish is cooked in only one way – Medium.

E) Chicken Roulade
Maryland thigh fillet, roulade style and stuffed with tsukune filling.

F) Teri-Fish
Pan-fried fish of the season with ginger teriyaki sauce.

G) Red Wine and Miso Pork Chop
Deep fried pork chop marinated in red wine and miso sauce.

H) Teri-Steak
Pan-fried prime grade scotch fillet with garlic butter teriyaki sauce Note: To maintain quality, this dish is cooked in only one way – Medium.

The committee hopes to see you there. But our wishes are not enough to ensure you a pace at the table, so you’ll need to act quickly to ensure your place at the table is reserved.

1 Price includes entree and main course. Drinks (cash bar), corkage should you BYO ($3.50 per person) & desserts will incur an additional charge to be paid to the restaurant.

[v] Vegetarian option
[gf] Gluten free option

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