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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Quiz Night!

TL;DR Details

  • When: 11/11/11 at 11:11(GMT) (that’s 19:11 Perth Time)
  • Where: UWA Tavern
  • How Much: $80 per table or $11 per person (tables of 6-8 people)

1011 (11) events including:

  • 111 (7) rounds of questions
  • 11 (3) mid-round games
  • 1 (1) audio-visual round

Prizes for Best Costumes!

Buy online or contact: tieryn.coman (at) gmail.com


Based on the celestial advice of our Midwayer Spirit Guardians, to help keepus safe in the impending 2012 Apocalypse of DOOM, Swancon – DoomCon 2012 will be holding our quiz night on the auspicious date of Friday 11/11/11 starting at the auspicious time of 11:11:11=7:11:11.

Tables of 6-8 quizee’s, at a cost 7×11 + 11(base 2) = $80 per table to maximise the spiritual protection you and your friends will receive from this event. To maximise their spiritual protection, we recommend you charge your table members $11 per head, and if you get 8 people on your table, you’ll get to pay the binary cost! (or the extra $8 can be communal for the table games and raffles through the night)

The venue will be the UWA Tavern, and the quiz will feature 11 events, including 111 rounds of questions, 11 mid-round games and 1 audio-visual round (whoops, sorry I slipped back binary again there). If you miss out on the quiz night, you will be cursed with bad luck for 11 years, and if you don’t send this to 11 friends within the next 11 minutes … no … sorry … I feel dirty even going there…. But still… Tell all your friends!

Doors will open from 6:32 (digits add up to 11) to allow us to begin promptly at the spiritually appointed Quizzing Hour (7:11pm). We encourage you to arrange a table of 101 to 111 friends who will be able to build a mind boggling tower of intellect and dominate the competition. Or, just get 5-7 mates and come along for a great night, pitting your wits against our questions :)

As with traditional fannish quiznights, bribes will be accepted, and we have a couple of twists to heighten your excitement of the event. Remember also that this is a fundraiser to help Swancon, and so we ask that you buy in all the table games, throw lots of dollar coins at the bottle of spirits, and get a ticket for all of the raffles over the course of the night! There will be some great prizes from our sponsors and we may even have a silent auction on the night if we get sufficient donations.

(On that note, if you have a fan related (or unrelated) business and would like to contribute to the night by donating merchandise or services in return for us spamming you to everyone who comes along, please contact Chris Coman!)

So get your act together, meet some party members in a tavern and start a quest, and come meet your spiritual guardians on the destined date, to claim your bright and shiny reward, and glory in the eyes of the king(fan)dom.

If you haven’t got a table and want someone to scalp you, post on the wall! If you’ve already got a whole table, RSVP with the full list of names to Chris Coman via facebook or e-mail tieryn.coman (at) gmail.com.

Payment for tickets can be done on the night or purchase them from our DoomStore™ to ensure you don’t miss out!

Published: 14:16 on Oct 30, 2011 (GMT)
Last Updated: 18:40 on Feb 07, 2012 (GMT)
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