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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

A Call to Gaming

This is a call to all our gamers from your friendly neighbourhood Gaming Coordinators. We want you for gaming at the Con.

Do you want to run anything at Swancon?

That awesome game you just picked up, that game that your friends refuse to play anymore, that old favourite that you just can’t wait to addict people to?

Then, please let us know through the handy attached sign-up sheet.

Once at the Convention, you will find Sign-up sheets in the Gaming Room, allowing you to invite people to come and play, but just think of how many you could get if your game was advertised in the program itself!

insert evil laugh here

So, what do we have planned for you so far?


Thursday is the day of getting to know each other, so we are looking for card games, short games and lots of mixing together. For every new person you play with, you get an entry to win a fun to-be-determined prize. And if we get bored we will play Werewolf, we are warning you to make fun!!!


For Friday, entry to Swancon is a gold coin donation. No, chocolate pirate coins do not count, Leece!

As we think this will draw in brand new people to the Con, let’s do this right and addict them to the best activity of all…Gaming. So let’s play the games we love and invite others to join in.

What are we looking for? People who are willing to teach people to play awesome games such as Settler, 7 Wonders, Smallworld, Puerto Rico. Not Twilight Imperium, Tim

Also, people who are willing to run a tournament for any games, such as Settler, Dominion and others.

Let us know what you want to play and we will give you a space and a time, (or we will press gang you) So sign up quick with us because you are either with us, or on the losing side. Remember we make the rules, it is our gaming room.


Have you created your own game? Would you like to create your own game? Well then, Saturday is for you. We are also interested in fan mods to games to try as well.

As a special treat Anthony Sweet of Handwritten Games is coming to give Swancon a sneak preview of his company’s brand-new, not-yet-available games, Halfling Heist and Grand City. Please check the Program for more information on both of these fantastic games.

Everyone who plays goes into a raffle to win the first Perth copy of Halfling Heist months before it comes into stores.

Anthony has competed in International gaming competitions and will be in panels to talk about game design during the day.

And from you, we are looking for people who design games, come and let us play. If you have made an expansion or extension to an existing game, we want to try it too. And at the end of the day, we will vote for fan favourite fan-made game.

If you can’t come on Saturday, we still want to play your game, so let us know what days you can come.



The prophets tell us that this is the last year of Earth, so let’s enjoy it.

Bring out your dead, your zombies, plagues, Cthulhu horrors and nightmares. Lets play all our favourites, from Arkham Horror, Descent, Mansions of Madness, the Stars are Right, Invasion from Mars, Last Night on Earth to the fun of Cthulhu Munchkin and Cthulhu Grand Prix.

Without your help to game, this day can only end in doom.


Our guest Brandon Sanderson said that he would come to our convention but only if he got to play Magic the Gathering with us. Wish granted.

11am to 3pm is the Great Swancon Magic Tournament.

No personal collections will be used, all cards will be provided at the Convention. Prizes will be awarded at the end to the Winner and the Most Sportsman-like.

Novices are welcome to play. There will be a “Learn How to Play” on Saturday for all who wish to attend.

Entry is limited to the first 34 players.


The end of the con. Lets game like it’s the end of everything, ‘cause, actually, it really is.

Cool Stuff to Do in the Gaming Stream

And here is a sneak peak at some of the cool stuff coming up at the con:

The Pathfinders RPGs Association are coming in to show us their world. Come and play on Friday and Monday and get immersed in a new world.

· Quidditch for Muggles

· Sailing Ship Obstacle Course

· Battle on the High Seas (Wargaming)

· A Murder Mystery

· A Cthulhu Live Action Roleplay (LARP)

· NERF gun battle

And more…

Contact Bronwyn Cropley at bronwynhillside (at) hotmail.com (or give her a text/call on 0429 117 868) for more information or to book your time slot in the programme.

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