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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Doom Command Needs You

Thank you to those who have reregistered their interest to volunteer so far. But we need more.

There is also a considerable inequality going on. Right now women outnumber men 4 to 1*. Volunteering isn’t gender specific and if the gents in our membership need a traditionally male role there are plenty of opportunities to lift heavy things during the set-up and teardown.

*This survey excluded entities from other worlds.

If you want to get involved click on the DoomCorps Google Group link and register. Once you’ve done this, on the Google Group you’ll find many threads, one for each type of volunteer role available. Please find the thread(s) you’re interested in and reply to those..

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Published: 14:44 on Feb 26, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 14:44 on Feb 26, 2012 (GMT)
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