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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Doom Command Needs You

A Swancon™ is built on volunteers. The committee has been working on the con for almost 2 years by the time of the opening ceremony, businesses with an interest in fandom provide goods and services at no cost for fundraisers and elements of the con itself, and hotel staff go above and beyond most years to ensure we all have a good time.

So you maybe asking: as a member what can I do?

To which Doom Command, the volunteer coordinator for SwanCon 2012, has an answer: get involved and volunteer for a few hours.

Volunteers will be needed immediately before, during and immediately after the con.

  • Registration desk – the nerve centre of the con. We need people to assist with issuing memberships, taking payments and supplying con bags. While we need the most people on the open day, when ever you can help will be appreciated. Those wanting to help during the first day are asked to attend training during the set-up period.
  • Setup and teardown – a carefully crafted plan for the convention layout will exist by the morning of the setup, we’ll need volunteers to implement that plan. Then at the end of the con we’ll need people to help tear down all the stuff we put up only 5 days earlier.
  • Significant events within the con need assistance with setup and teardown:
    • Opening ceremony
    • Art show
    • Masquerade ball
    • Awards ceremony
    • Closing ceremony
  • There will be also be a need for specific tasks to be done during the convention:
    • Magic the Gathering Tournament – two judges, with recent MtG experience, are needed.
    • Room supervisors – someone to remind panels at five minutes before the end and be ready to help with the setup of the next panel.
    • Artshow supervisor – someone needs to be supervising the Art Show at all times that room is open.
    • Auction – needs seasoned auctioneers and those will to help with taking sales and payments.

If you want to volunteer for any of the above or know of another activities that needs the assistance of volunteers, get involved in the conversation at the DoomCorps Google Group.

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Published: 19:17 on Feb 14, 2012 (GMT)
Last Updated: 19:18 on Feb 14, 2012 (GMT)
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