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The 37th Annual Western Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Who We Are

Core Committee

Convenor: Kitty

Kitty is a reader, blogger and social justice activist. She got into speculative fiction when she was a child, being raised on a steady diet of Doctor Who and Star Trek. She joined Swancon™ in 2007, where she met her partner Brendan.

Kitty reads, writes, watches and breathes speculative fiction. She is committed to bringing the love of the fantastic to a new generation of geeks.

And she has a funny hat.

Treasurer: PRK

PRK is an SF geek who entered fandom via Usenet Newsgroups in the early to mid 1990s, from r.a.sf.w.rj through to X-Files & Buffy newsgroups. In more recent years, PRK regularly attends or assists in the organising of Swancon, has been a board member of WASFF (the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation) for the past five years, and is a member of WASFF’s Convention Steering Committee. Outside of fandom, PRK has worked in the Internet industry for over 10 years, and in his rapidly dwindling spare time is currently researching Leadership in MMORPGs as a PhD topic (although if pressed, he claims it’s just an excuse to play World of Warcraft).

Programmer: Brendan Ragan

Brendan Ragan is a long-time science fiction geek, and the part-owner of a speculative fiction bookstore. His dedication to Swancon™ is so great that he wrote an app to make the programme available on Smartphones.

Secretary: Kat Griffiths

Kat is soft-spoken but opinionated. One of her favourite hobbies is dissecting her favourite books and TV shows to find hidden themes and meanings.

Kat has had experience in taking Kitty’s wild ideas and turning them into something much more workable.

Published: 13:50 on May 09, 2011 (GMT)
Last Updated: 18:40 on Feb 07, 2012 (GMT)
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